News and Announcements

Winner of the John O. Iatrides Dissertation Prize in Modern Greek Studies: Yiorgo Topalidis (University of Florida)

The MGSA is pleased to award the 2022 John O. Iatrides Dissertation Prize in Modern Greek Studies to Yiorgo Topalidis (University of Florida) for his thesis, The Whitening Process Model: Forging an Anti-Racist Praxis for Descendants of European Immigrants in the United States.

The committee’s award citation reads as follows:   The committee found Dr. Topalidis’s… more »

Analysis of everyday tools challenges long-held ideas about what drove major changes in ancient Greek society

A modern scientific analysis of ancient stone tools is challenging long-held beliefs about what caused radical change on the island of Crete, where the first European state flourished during the Bronze Age: the Minoan civilization.

About 3,500 years ago, Crete underwent significant cultural transformations, including the adoption of a new language and economic… more »

Athens Acropolis Walls To Undergo Long Overdue Strategic Preservation

The Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports is putting forward a strategic plan for the restoration of the ancient walls surrounding the Acropolis of Athens.

The project had remained a challenge for years, as the preservation of the monument was considered particularly complex due to the many different historical phases of constructional interventions… more »

S. Victor Papacosma Essay Prize

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2022 MGSA S. Victor Papacosma Graduate Essay Prize. Under the direction of the Acting Chair of our Graduate Studies Committee, Artemis Leontis, a prize committee comprised of three members– Nektaria Klapaki, Yiorgo Topalidis, and Konstantina Zanou–convened and decided to award the 2022 S. Victor Papacosma… more »

New York Greek Film Expo, September 29-October 3

We are proud to announce our upcoming film festival, September 29—October 9! The 10-day event will be hosted by Andreas Konstantinou, one of Greece’s biggest film stars. We’re still putting plans in place and will be announcing our exciting film lineup shortly. And we’re delighted to bring Greek films to additional theaters in the tri-state area, beyond… more »

Hera help us! Rare knucklebone dice with names of gods show gaming in ancient Israel

A rare collection of animal knucklebone gaming dice, used 2,300 years ago during the Hellenistic period, have been found to be inscribed with the names of various deities believed to bring help and good fortune, the Israel Antiquities Authority said Tuesday.

So-called “astragali,” knucklebones of goats, sheep and cattle, were used as dice… more »

Laona burial mound was hiding a ‘lasting mega-monument’, archaeologists find

Archaeologists have discovered that the tumulus of Laona, an ancient burial mound, has been hiding an architectural structure that was built by experienced engineers to become a lasting mega-monument, the antiquities department said on Friday.

“The rare and mysterious tumulus, which until recently concealed the existence of the rampart, is a mega-monument whose… more »

The ‘Biblical Origins’ of the Etruscans in the 16th Century CE and Their Impact on European Politics

In 1536-37, Guillaume Postel – in his time the top French expert on Near Eastern languages – went as an interpreter to Holy Land and the Ottoman court in Constantinople with the Ambassador of France. He was entrusted with the task of collecting manuscripts for King Francis I, assured of his appointment as regius… more »