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Postdoctoral Fellowships In Hellenic Studies, 2023-2024

Postdoctoral Fellowships In Hellenic Studies, 2023-2024

Postdoctoral research fellowships for early-career Hellenists in Modern Greek Studies, Byzantine Studies, or Late Antique Studies, including their relation to the Classical tradition. Deadline: January 4, 2023

The Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies at Princeton University invites applications for two postdoctoral fellowships: (1) The Hannah Seeger Davis… more »

Sacrificial Bull Head from Minoan cemetery reveals ancient elite society

A sacrificial bull’s head found at a Minoan cemetery associated with the palace of Petras in eastern Crete is further evidence of an elite society with complex rituals of death, Minoan civilization archaeologist Metaxia Tsipopoulou told Eleni Markou of Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

This finding of a bull’s sacrifice, she adds, “may possibly be the oldest… more »

Temple of Apollo to be restored as ‘archaeological museum’

After a new door of a nightclub directly opening to the Temple of Apollo in the Mediterranean resort town of Side raised eyebrows, the Culture and Tourism Ministry and Antalya Governor’s Office have decided to restore the temple with an “archaeological museum setup.”

A restaurant adjacent to the ruins of the ancient city of Side was recently turned into a nightclub… more »

Review: In ‘Cleopatra,’ Francine Prose dispels the sexualized mythology surrounding a powerful ruler

If you know anything about Cleopatra, it’s likely you’ve heard that she was beautiful, a scheming seductress who brought powerful men to their knees. And if you’re a certain age, you probably have in your brain the indelible image of the Egyptian ruler as portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor — all kohl-eyed and heaving-bosomed… more »

ASCSA Programs and Fellowships, 2023-2024


The American School of Classical Studies at Athens was founded in 1881 to provide American graduate students and scholars a base for their studies in the history and civilization of the Greek world. Today it is still a teaching institution, providing graduate students a unique opportunity to study firsthand the sites… more »

Conversations/Conversazioni: The Language of Objects

Conversations/Conversazioni The Language of Objects: Susan Sellers and Hérica Valladares Tuesday, November 8, 2022 – 6:00pm CET AAR Lecture Room Via Angelo Masina, 5 Rome, Italy

Susan Sellers (2023 Resident) and Hérica Valladares (2009 Fellow, 2023 Resident) will explore hidden stories that are embedded in objects through their forms, materials, and uses.

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