The Ancient Greek Sanctuary of Dodona

The ancient Greek sanctuary and theater of Dodona are part of a uniquely historic site in the country, home to the oldest oracle, which even predated that of the more universally-known Delphi. Known in Doric Greek as Δωδώνα, or Dōdṓnā, and in Ionic and Attic Greek as Δωδώνη, it is located in Epirus in northwestern Greece.

The historian Herodotus stated that the oracle there dated all the way back to the second millennium BC. Even Homer mentioned Dodona, saying that there was an oracle of Zeus there. Situated in a remote region, far from the main Greek poleis to city states, it was considered second only to the Oracle of Delphi in prestige.

Aristotle considered the region around Dodona to have been part of Hellas—even the region from which the Hellenes originated. The oracle, first under the control of the Thesprotians before it passed into the hands of the Molossians, remained an important religious sanctuary until the rise of Christianity during the Late Roman era.

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