Ancient Nemea to receive EU Heritage Label

The archaeological site at Ancient Nemea will become the second heritage attraction in Greece to be awarded the EU’s Heritage Label, the Culture Ministry announced on Friday.

The formal award ceremony will take place on June 13 in Brussels.

Located near the city of Corinth, Nemea is steeped in ancient history. Nemea hosted panhellenic sports games in antiquity, which have been revived in modern times. The 2,300-year-old Temple of Zeus stands next to a track and a museum built at the site.

“The inclusion of the archaeological site of Nemea on the EU Heritage Label list comes as additional recognition of the importance of the Greek cultural heritage for Europe,” Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said.

The European Heritage Label is a recognition awarded by the European Commission to buildings, documents, museums, archives, monuments or events which are seen as milestones in the creation of today’s Europe.

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