Painted sarcophagus from the 3rd century Roman tomb found in Corinth, Greece

A well-preserved and richly decorated underground Roman tomb, complete with vaults and wall paintings, was found in 2012 during excavation work on the new highway between Corinth-Patras. The tomb is dated to the 3rd century, has dimensions 2.40 x 2.30 metres internally.
There are two decorated sarcophagi, one of them is very well preserved. On a beautiful mattress, with her head on the pillow, there is a picture of a young woman lying on the bed. Her portrait stylistically resembles the portraits of Fayum, the Roman time Egypt. Big shiny eyes, auburn hair, the fashionable hairstyle and red lips characterize the lifelike portrait. The lady is wearing gold earrings, her body covered with a red cover decorated in the same way as a pillow – with yellow, blue and white stripes.
Within the sarcophagus were two urns, one of which contained a female burial.

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