Academic Year in Greece with the ASCSA

Posted On November 19, 2021
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The Regular Member program runs the full academic year, from early September to late May. All advanced graduate students interested in an intensive survey of the art, archaeology, history, and topography of Greece, from antiquity to the present, are encouraged to apply. There are no grades and no university credit offered, but participation in the Regular Program is a widely recognized part of graduate training in Classics and related fields. Regular Members reside in Athens, using Loring Hall as their home base, throughout the nine-month academic year (September through May). Students receive comprehensive training through visits to the principal archaeological sites and museums of Greece as well as in seminars led by resident and visiting scholars. They also have the option to take part in the training program at the Corinth excavations. The Regular Member program is directed by the Mellon Professor, Brendan Burke, who oversees and mentors the student members.

The School generally accepts 15 to 20 students each year into the program.

Overview of the Program

New first-year members take part in the orientation program at the opening of the School year in September. Additionally, Members have the opportunity to learn modern Greek in structured lessons. The Academic year runs from early September to the end of May and is divided into three terms, Fall, Winter and Spring. Regular members are expected to be in Greece throughout the academic year, except for the holiday break around New Years. For security and emergency purposes, Regular Members must inform the Assistant Director if they plan to leave Athens for the weekend or for a longer trip. In addition, members must seek approval in advance from the Mellon Professor for such absences. Students pursuing the Regular Program will not have much free time to prepare for PhD examinations or to work extensively on a dissertation during the fall and winter. The spring term, however, can allow students time for independent research.

For the 2021-2022 Academic Year, there will be five major School trips (I-V) lasting between 11-14 days. The Mellon Professor leads Trip I to Northern and Western Greece. The Director of the School and Whitehead Distinguished Scholar Nigel Kennell lead Trip II to the Deep (southern and western) Peloponnese. For Trip III, the Mellon Professor leads the trip focused on central Greece. Trip IV will go to Crete and be led by the Assistant Director. In early spring, the last major required trip of the year, students go to the Argolid and Corinthia, led by Dr. Christopher Pfaff, Director of Corinth Excavations for Trip V.

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