Ancient Greek Amphitheater at Laodicea Restored to Former Glory

Restoration work on the 2,200-year-old amphitheater in the Ancient Greek city of Laodicea, located in the ancient Greek area of Phrygia, has now been completed.

The mammoth task of restoring the ancient amphitheater was undertaken by Professor Celal Simsek of the University of Pamukkale (the ancient city of Hierapolis) and his archeological team in 2003. Now, their project of bringing back the ancient Greek monument, which has a capacity of more than 15,000, has finally been completed.

Speaking to interviewers from the Anadolu Agency, Simsek stated that his restoration team team applied the most recent techniques of international criteria, he said, “This is the most extensive project whose restoration has been completed in such a short time.”

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