Posted On June 21, 2021
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Founded in 2006 under the guidance of Alice Waters, the Rome Sustainable Food Project provides the AAR community with seasonal, nutritious, and delicious food that nourishes scholarship and conviviality.

Guided by the spirit of the Roman table and using the Academy’s vegetable garden as well as that of nearby farms and organic suppliers, it is Academy’s aim to provide a replicable model of simple, sustainable food for other like-minded institutions. The RSFP is sustained by a vibrant internship program and volunteers from the Academy community. It is also a member of Rome’s Slow Food Community.

The dining table at the Academy isn’t just delicious, it’s an idea that brings us back to our senses and can be a model for educational institutions everywhere.
—Alice Waters


The central mission of the Rome Sustainable Food Project is to nourish and support both work and conviviality at the AAR community table.

The RSFP is an eco-gastronomic endeavor that supports the mission of the Academy: the kitchen cooks seasonally and sustainably. Menus are inspired by the seasonal and organic produce of local farmers and the cooking techniques of Rome and Lazio.

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