Greek Civilization (MA, 1.5 Years or 3 semesters) – Distance Learning

University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Profile of the Programme

The MA programme explores the multifaceted phenomenon of Greek civilization, both in its diachronic and in its thematic range. At the core of its design lies the investigation of the fundamental Greek concepts and values that shaped and are still central to the modern Western world. Freedom, democracy, aesthetics, logic and the search for truth and scientific knowledge are some of the areas the programme explores.

The programme covers the main body of Greek culture offering students a unique educational opportunity. In particular, the programme gives candidates the opportunity for an in-depth study, through specialized bibliography in English, of a number of topics. Courses draw on thematic material from various disciplines in the field of Greek civilization such as history, philosophy, literature, science, the arts and language. Moreover, students will deal with topics that attract international interest as they combine aspects of Greek antiquity with contemporary culture, such as contemporary stage approaches of ancient drama, modern Greek cinema, Greek printing history, and digital culture.

The programme’s overall aim is to provide a specialist, historical and systematic education, giving students the option to either complete elective courses or to produce a research thesis. Students will extend their learning and deepen their understanding of Greek cultural heritage studying in a contemporary and challenging digital environment.

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