‘Just a way to fit more tourists’: Archaeologists outraged at planned renovation of Acropolis

Dozens of archaeologists, university professors, and others around the world have signed an open letter protesting a series of renovations planned for the Acropolis in Athens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the letter, which was recently revealed by the Art Newspaper, the signatories say the plans would be “equivalent to the degradation, concealment, and devaluation of the greatest archaeological and artistic treasure that has been bequeathed to modern Greece, in which humanity has entrusted its preservation.”

According to the Art Newspaper, these plans were unanimously approved by the Central Archaeological Council on February 3, after a proposal made by the architectural restorer Manolis Korres, the president of the Acropolis Monuments Conservation Committee (ESMA). Following this approval, the Greek Ministry of Culture announced that a comprehensive scientific study will be carried out in the autumn.

The focus of the plan is on the restoration of the ascent to the Acropolis, including a large marble staircase constructed in the first century AD and the return of an ancient southern access to the terrace.

For more information: https://greekherald.com.au/news/greece/just-way-fit-more-tourists-archaeologists-outraged-planned-renovation-acropolis/