Greece’s Unknown Submerged Ancient Bridge

Greece is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and the submerged bridge of Itea shows just that: How every corner of this land hides a secret and hosts traces of millennia of history.

Itea is a small seaside town in the southeastern part of Phocis, central Greece.

The submerged bridge of Greece

Right off the town of Itea, one can see two beautiful islets. In ancient times, Agios Athanasios was connected to the neighboring island of Agios Konstantinos by an artificial stone bridge. The bridge was 210 meters long.

Today, a part of the stone construction can be seen at the bottom of the sea. According to experts, this stone construction was a pier made of 20-60 kg stones and was just four meters wide.

According to other estimates, it was built by the inhabitants of the area during the Byzantine Empire while another view is that it was built several centuries earlier and sank after a geological change in the region.

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