Grave Of Gothic Warrior Buried With His Weapons Unearthed In Downtown Thessaloniki

The three-aisled basilica, which was unearthed in 2010 in the context of the Metro works at Thessaloniki’s Syntrivani station, “hid” among many important finds, a Gothic warrior buried with his weaponry, a find that is the first of its kind in Thessaloniki and the wider region of Macedonia and which until now was only known from other regions.

The Early Christian basilica, almost all of its southern nave, is occupied by a cluster of tombs, most of which are arched. In one of them – which, according to the pottery and surrounding finds, must date to the beginning of the 5th century AD – a male skeleton was found, next to which there were remains of weaponry. The best preserved of his weapons was a sword which was found folded. The remains of a dagger and a shield boss were also found in the grave.

What seems to “unlock” the warrior’s identity is that “the sword was deliberately folded, not broken”, explains archaeologist Melina Paisidou, who, together with the PhD candidate Erricos Maniotis, will present the study “Soldier’s armament from a tomb of the basilica of Sidrivanios” at the 33rd Archaeological Conference on the excavations in Macedonia and Thrace (22-24/4).

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