Cooking In The Shadow Of Mount Olympus

Kitchen utensils with features from Thessaly, Macedonia, the Balkans, but also Mycenaean ones found in excavations made in the Olympus region, highlight the multiculturalism of the area and the blending of traditions from north and south, in a fusion cuisine, as it has been called in recent years.

“Cooking in the shadow of Olympus: an interdisciplinary study of cooking vessels from the Mycenaean era”, a study by A. Dimoula, S. Koulidou, Z. Tsirtsoni, E. Standall, C. Heron, O. Craig, S.-M. Valamoti, is to be presented at the 33rd Archaeological Conference on the excavations in Macedonia and Thrace on April 22-24, 2021. It will show findings from the analyses of cooking vessels from four sites in the Olympus region, dating to the Late (1350-1100 BC), but also the Middle Bronze Age.

The main site is Rema Xydias, the other three being Pigi Artemidos, Tribina and Valtos in Leptokarya. These spots are situated between Leptokarya and Platamonas; locations of today. The region was – and remains – the strategic pass connecting Macedonia with Thessaly.

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