Ancient Cemetery Discovered Under Street in Larnaca, Cyprus

An ancient cemetery was found recently as a result of anti-flooding works in the city of Larnaca, Cyprus. Dating back to the 12th century BC, but in use up to Roman times, the find is considered quite significant by archaeologists.

The cemetery, which contained approximately ten graves, was uncovered on Larnaca’s Petrakis Kyprianou Street during excavations for the “S9” antiflooding project, in which gigantic drainage pipes are being laid under the street.

Polina Christofi, an archaeologist at Cyprus’ Department of Antiquities, says that “numerous” archaeological discoveries have been made in the last year in the ancient city of Larnaca as a result of the enormous project.

The street under which the new drainage is being constructed was already known to have been in the middle of all the necropolises of ancient Kition.

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