Construction Workers Unearth Ancient Greek Gem in Downtown Athens

Α spectacular ancient Greek sculpture was unearthed in the downtown Agia Irini (St Irene) Square of Athens on Saturday during construction work.

The news was shared by Kostas Bakoyannis, the mayor of the city of Athens, through a Facebook post.

There is still not much information about how old the sculpture is or who it depicts.

Some speculate the marble head belongs to an ancient Greek God, probably Zeus, others say it depicts a prominent ancient Athenian.

Others claim that the sculpture is typical of the type of Hermes Propylaeus of Alkamenos, and it is believed to date back to the 4th or 3rd century AD.

Archaeologists will study the statue to determine its approximate date and decipher the person, real or imaginary, it depicts.

“It was found just one and a half meters below the ground, during the infrastructure upgrade works on Aeolos Street, on Agia Irini Square. It is already under the responsibility of the Ephorate of Antiquities. Unique Athens!” the Mayor noted in his Facebook post.

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