A Minoan harbour town The ancient site of Kommos in Crete

On the southern coast of Crete, a little north of Matala, lies Kommos, the site of a Minoan harbour town. While not open to the public, you can get a good sense of the site from behind the fences.

The Messara Plain in southern Crete is the largest plain of the island and of key importance for agriculture. It’s no surprise that it also contains a number of important sites, including the court complex at Phaistos and the administrative centre at Agia Triada.

Located on the coast, a little north of Matala, is the archaeological site of Kommos, which together with Phaistos and Agia Triada forms what archaeologists refer to as the Minoan Triangle. These three sites were closely associated with each other, with Kommos functioning as the harbour for Phaistos and/or Agia Triada.

Excavations at this site, located virtually on the beach, started in 1976. The couple Joseph W. and Maria C. Shaw have led the excavations, unearthing the remains of a Minoan harbour. After the end of the Bronze Age, a sanctuary was built on top of the Minoan remains at the end of the eleventh century BC (temple A). New temples and other structures were erected over the course of the next millennium. The site was abandoned in the Roman period.

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