The Denouement of the Enigma of the Roman Mosaic from the House of Aion in Paphos

Posted On September 28, 2020
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After years of research conducted by Prof. Marek T. Olszewski from the UW Faculty of Archaeology, the iconographic program of the famous mosaic from the reception room of the Roman House of Aion in Paphos (Cyprus) has been resolved. The interpretation of the Polish researcher was accepted by scholars of Roman iconography as adequate and precise.

A Polish archaeological mission conducted by Prof. W. A. Daszewski in 1983, unearthed a room (68 m2) with an enigmatic figural mosaic (16 m2) in ancient Paphos. The overall decoration of the floor indicated that this room should be considered as dining room (triclinium), where the meal could be a pretext for discussion of multiple topics among the hosts. This hall which is found in an independent part of the house, was hired most likely by a group of people such as an association using it regularly; the hosts entered through an independent entrance directly from the street. The figural mosaics consisted of five rectangular panels in 2-1-2 order.

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