Archaeology: Fortified Hellenistic centre found at Bulgaria’s Cape Chiroza site

The first stage of the excavations of a fortified Hellenistic site from the second to the first century BCE, located on Cape Chiroza between the Kraimorie district and the fishing village of Chengene Skele in Bourgas Bay on Bulgaria’s southern Black Sea coast was completed in July 2020, Bourgas municipality said on August 19.

The excavations are being done by a joint team from Bulgaria’s National History Museum and the Regional History Museum in Bourgas, and are funded by Bourgas municipality.

The fortification had an area of ​​800 square metres and was protected by a stone wall and a large moat with a depth of 1.3 metres and a width of nearly four metres.

An indicator of the dating of the site is the ceramic material, the statement said.

In 260 processed ceramic fragments, 40 per cent are made of Thracian ceramics – vessels made by hand, with plastic decoration and a polished surface.

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