New Discovery Made in Vulci, Etruscan Ruins

Posted On June 22, 2020
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The Coronavirus pandemic continues to be on the forefront of news around the globe. Currently there are over 8.4 million infected and over 451,000 deaths around the world. There hasn’t been any major news pertaining archeological findings this year, until now, in the ancient Etruscan city of Vulci.

Vulci is one of the 12 great Etruscan cities, of which today only picturesque ruins and a huge necropolis remain. The territory of the Archaeological Park of Vulci covers 900 hectares, the total number of graves is difficult to estimate – perhaps tens of thousands. The venue also have had issues with illegal diggers for some time now.

Vulci, (Etruscan: Velch), important town of the ancient Etruscans, the ruins of which are about 10 miles (16 km) from the sea between the villages of Canino and Montalto di Castro, in Viterbo province, Italy.

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