Amateur archaeologists redraw map of Roman Britain – from home

Posted On May 18, 2020
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Digging at archaeological sites around the UK has been brought to a shuddering halt by the coronavirus, but research being undertaken from home by a group of amateurs is helping to redraw the map of the south-west of Britain in Roman times.

Volunteers poring over detailed aerial surveys of the borderlands between Cornwall and Devon spotted telltale signs of dozens of previously unknown settlements and miles of roads linking Roman forts.

The project suggests areas including Bodmin Moor, in Cornwall, and Dartmoor, in Devon, were much more populous than previously had been thought.

So far, less than a tenth of the material available has been studied but already 30 previously unknown settlements believed to date from between 300BC and AD300 have been found, as well as more than 20 miles of Roman road.

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