Bust of Greek Poet Sappho Discovered In Turkey Museum

A sculpture portraying a woman which has been on display in the Antalya Archeological Museum for nearly 50 years has recently been discovered to belong to Sappho, the first and most important female poet of ancient Greece.

Professor Havva İşkan Işık of Turkey’s Akdeniz University, who is heading up the excavation project of the ancient city of Patara, also gives lectures at the world-renowned museum in Antalya. It was during one of these lectures that the sculpture caught her eye.

“As a result of my extensive research I found that the portrait belonged to Sappho, known as the first and most important female poet of antiquity,” Işık explained. “I confirmed my work on the portrait with an academic review at universities abroad where I was a guest. I will soon publish the scientific paper I have prepared about my work so that the whole world can learn that this work is in the Antalya Museum.”

The sculpture was donated to the museum by the police in Yenikapı, Turkey after it was confiscated from smugglers. The museum maintains that the bust was discovered in the ancient city of Perge, but Işık contests this account.

For more information: https://greece.greekreporter.com/2020/03/21/bust-of-greek-poet-sappho-discovered-in-turkey-museum/