Posted On March 10, 2020
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May 27th-June 6th 2020 


June 13th-June 23rd 2020

For the last eighteen years writers have been arriving from all over the world to be part of something special on a Greek Cycladic island. The place: Andros, the writing workshops: Aegean Arts Circle, the instructors: Award winning authors.

There are many choices out there on what to do with your vacation time and your writing; Aegean Arts Circle writing workshops are different. Aegean Arts Circle  respects the commitment and financial investment writers make to carve out time for writing. Aegean Arts Circle  gives you what every writer needs: A room of one’s own with a balcony overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea – a writing workshop that meets every day and is challenging enough to bring out the best in you as a writer (aspiring or published), the chance to work  closely with talented award winning authors, to be cared for while you focus on creating, be treated to great freshly cooked meals, have ample time to have  your writing read and  commented on because workshop groups are kept intentionally small. New writing always emerges. 

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