An incredible moment: archaeologists discover 200 ancient Roman amphorae in an underwater cave

Posted On February 26, 2020
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About 200 ancient Roman amphorae were discovered in an underwater cave off the coast of Mallorca – during the first dive there in 20 years.

Amphorae are ceramic pots – often used to store wine, other liquids, or grains – that have a two-handle design that dates back to the Neolithic period.

The objects were found in the cave of Fuente de Ses Aiguades, which is in Alcudia Bay on the northeast coast of Mallorca, in the Spanish Balearic Islands.

Experts from the project called “Underwater Archaeological Research in the Caves of Majorca” are re-exploring the caves using the latest technology.

The team believes that the ceramics were left in the cave by the sailors as a form of ritual offering.

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