Campaign to Save Rare Synagogue Mosaics on Aegina Island, Greece

Mosaics under an ancient synagogue from the 4th century BC, with geometrical patterns and two Greek inscriptions, were discovered on Greece’s Aegina Island in the nineteenth century.

This major find by German archaeologist Ludwig Ross in 1829 represented an important landmark in Greek archaeology. But the priceless mosaics are now in dire need of preservation.

Yvette Nahmia Messinas and Elias Messinas, the founders of an NGO called EcoWeek, in cooperation with Greece’s Ephorate of Antiquities for Piraeus and the Islands, have embarked on a two-year program for the preservation of this important piece of history. The Ephorate is part of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.

EcoWeek described the mosaic floor as the most significant and rare discovery in the realm of Jewish archaeology in Greece, pointing out that the mosaic tiles are currently in a dangerous state of neglect and that they needs immediate protection and preservation.

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