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Posted On March 30, 2018
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The Mediterranean lifestyle is not just a simple collection of dietary and physical activity habits and practices. It is a sustainable way of living, a cluster of social, cultural, religious and other aspects of life that have been implemented in the countries of the Mediterranean region since antiquity.

The Lifestyle Science Study Abroad… more »

Mycenaean findings: Gigantic 1250 BC building project in northern Copais

The two-year research program “The Mycenaean Northeastern Kopais – MYNEKO” (2016-2017) was successfully completed and systematic excavation was carried out on the islets of Agios Ioannis and Pyrgos-Agia Marina in the northeastern part of the lake in northern Copaida, under the direction of Dr. Elena Kountouri, Head of the Department of Prehistoric and… more »

Why Border Enforcement Backfired with Douglas Massey, Princeton University

Please join the Global Studies Institute in welcoming Douglas S. Massey, the Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, to Georgia State University.

Dr. Massey’s presentation will focus on an article in which he and his co-authors offered a “systematic… more »

Alexander in the East

Alexander the Great never reached his goal of conquering all the inhabited earth. This was simply beyond his army’s endurance. But he did get as far east as ancient Bactria, in modern Afghanistan. More than two thousand years later, archaeologists have begun to recover evidence of Greek settlers Alexander left behind at a… more »