Secrets of Ancient Greek Diet Revealed by Greek Chef in London


Enduring questions about the diet of ancient Greeks and the connection with contemporary Greek cuisine are issues that a Greek chef in London deals with.

Louis Chrysostomou, spoke to Greek newspaper Ta Nea about his ambitious project to introduce ancient Greek cuisine to London’s multinational population, at Life Goddess restaurant.

“Our goal is to present to the British public the Greek cuisine in its entirety, starting from Ancient Greece and its nutritional secrets,” Chrysostomou said.

With the project “Secrets and Flavors from Ancient Greece”, the Greek chef hopes to introduce the unique tastes not only to the thousands of Greeks living in the British capital, but also to the British and other nationals.

“This is a vision that finally becomes reality. It is the product of an exhaustive study of prescriptions and sources of nutrition in ancient Greece, starting with the texts of Archestratos and Athineos,” Chrysostomou said.

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