3 ancient statues of senior civil servants discovered in Turkey’s Antalya


Three unique ancient statues from the third century A.D. have been discovered during archaeological excavations in Turkey’s southwestern Antalya province, Culture and Tourism Ministry said Saturday. The discovery follows the discovery of three other statues found by archaeologists in the ancient city of Side located in Antalya’s Manavgat district.

According to a statement by the ministry, the artifacts were immediately taken under preservation for further research.

Two of the statues discovered in Side are males while the other one is a female and all of them are dressed.

Experts believe the statues represented senior civil servants in the Roman Empire.

Furthermore, archaeologists are researching why the statues, which were supposed to be standing upright inside the niches were found lying on the ground.

In this regard, researchers note that during renovations of the southern portico of the structure [referred to as the M building] in the fourth century A.D., the Romans could have used the statues but re-sculpted the head part and came up with new portraits.