Earthquake faults may have played key role in shaping the culture of ancient Greece

The Ancient Greeks may have built sacred or treasured sites deliberately on land previously affected by earthquake activity, according to a new study by the University of Plymouth.

Professor of Geoscience Communication Iain Stewart MBE, Director of the University’s Sustainable Earth Institute, has presented several BBC documentaries about the power of earthquakes in shaping landscapes… more »

3 ancient statues of senior civil servants discovered in Turkey’s Antalya

Three unique ancient statues from the third century A.D. have been discovered during archaeological excavations in Turkey’s southwestern Antalya province, Culture and Tourism Ministry said Saturday. The discovery follows the discovery of three other statues found by archaeologists in the ancient city of Side located in Antalya’s Manavgat district.

According to a statement… more »

A rare discovery will shed new light on Mycenaean funerary practices

For the first time, archaeologists have uncovered and carefully documented an intact burial in a monumental chamber tomb of the Mycenaean palatial period, around 3,350 years ago. Research into the material uncovered has only just begun but the discovery will expand our knowledge of Mycenaean funerals – from the treatment of the body… more »

That’s a classic: Trinity publishes 50 favourite classical one-liners

The 50 pieces in this magpie’s collection use a classical perspective to reflect on universal themes such as divinity, humanity, education, happiness, love, loss, nature and death.

Line of Enquiry is a worldwide first. Fifty classicists from across the world have been tasked by Trinity College Dublin with the disarmingly simple… more »