[MGSA-L] Princeton Hellenic Studies Visiting Fellowships, 2018-19

Visiting Research Fellowships Academic Year 2018-2019

The Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies at Princeton offers visiting fellowships that are awarded annually on a competitive basis.  Current and former fellows are listed on our website.

The deadline for our Hellenic Studies visiting fellowships, 2018-19, is Monday, January 15, 2018. Late applications will not be accepted. The more »

Secrets of Ancient Greek Diet Revealed by Greek Chef in London

Enduring questions about the diet of ancient Greeks and the connection with contemporary Greek cuisine are issues that a Greek chef in London deals with.

Louis Chrysostomou, spoke to Greek newspaper Ta Nea about his ambitious project to introduce ancient Greek cuisine to London’s multinational population, at Life Goddess restaurant.

“Our goal is… more »

Applied Field Geophysics Workshop – Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Workshop

Posted On November 20, 2017
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Our program offers intensive training in Ground Penetrating Radar exploration techniques, both field and laboratory analysis, as it applies to the anthropogenic transformation of a historical landscape. Our two case studies are the hinterland of the “palatial villa” from our active excavation above and associated structures, roads and land use; and the multi-layered,… more »

Roman Villa Excavation – Identity and Wealth on the Roman Frontier

Posted On November 20, 2017
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The integrated results of our various field techniques have yielded extraordinary results: a rural built space of ca. one hectare, with massive fortification walls decorated with exterior frescoes, with richly built two stories buildings, containing exceptional artifacts (well preserved bronze statues, jewelry, pristine condition coins, writing implements, etc.). Our target excavation, the central… more »

Roman Provincial Settlement Excavation and Survey – Life by the Imperial Roads

Posted On November 20, 2017
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The project integrates Classical excavation approaches with various exploratory field techniques, ranging from STP (shovel test pits), geochemical soil analysis (phosphate spot testing), and surface field collection coupled with topographical total station assisted mapping. We will be looking at the transformation of the countryside in relation to the development of the Imperial road… more »

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens: 2018 Aristeia Award

Aristeia Awards for Distinguished Alumni/ae

The purpose of the Aristeia Award is to honor living alumni/ae of the ASCSA who have provided exceptional service to the School and who has contributed in an extraordinary way to the School’s mission in any or all of the following areas: teaching, research, archaeological exploration, and publication.… more »

Tombs of Vergina: 40 Years Since Andronikos Unearthed the Macedonian Gems

Forty years ago today, one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the world, and the definitive proof of Macedonia’s Greek origin, was announced by Greek archaeologist Manolis Andronikos.

On November 8, 1977, Andronikos discovered a pair of royal tombs from the fourth century BC which contained many objects of gold, silver, bronze,… more »