Priceless archaeological treasure surfaces after storm in Crete, Greece

A priceless archaeological treasure surfaced following the recent downpours that fell in Ierapetra, Crete.

According to neakriti.gr, a marble sculpture of an ancient Roman noblewoman with a stunning hairstyle was found on 4 January by a young farmer, who handed it immediately to the Archaeological Service.

According to the first estimate of the archaeologist curator of… more »

“Ancient Greeks ‘may have inspired China’s Terracotta Army”

Ancient Greeks ‘may have inspired China’s Terracotta Army’

“Archaeologists say design of clay warriors suggests close contact between east and west 1,500 years before Marco Polo”

Greek craft workers may have helped inspire the most famous Chinese sculptures ever made – the 8,000 warriors of the Terracotta Army who have been watching over… more »


Have you ever wondered how huge, ancient sculptures are installed in museums?

“In this video, the Metropolitan Museum of Art takes viewers behind the scenes of the installation of Athena Parthenos, an ancient Greek sculpture from around 170 B.C.

The sculpture is safely tied onto a cart and very carefully wheeled through one of the Greek and Roman galleries—which is packed with other statues—to… more »