Five Ways To Listen To The Music Of The Ancient World Today

We are often immersed in what the ancient world looked like when we visit a museum or an archaeological site. However, the vibrant soundscapes heard at festivals, funerals, courtly feasts, theatrical performances, gladiatorial shows or just while shopping in the ancient world are important to reconstructing the past. A number of ancient historians are hard at work to bring… more »

Ancient Macedonian Kasta Tomb in Greece’s Amphipolis set to open to public after excavation

Recently appointed Greek Culture Minister Lydia Koniordou announced that 2.5 million euros have been allotted for restoration works executed at Kasta Hill, the excavation site of the Amphipolis tomb.

During a press conference this week, she clarified that the funds will be made available immediately for the restoration of the site in northeastern… more »

Archaeologists Search for Ancient Theatre of Amphipolis, Northern Macedonia, Greece

Archaeologists will now search for the ancient theatre of Amphipolis, after the Ministry of Culture, the Central Macedonia Region and the municipality of Amphipolis signed a joint effort contract.

The contract seals the start of research to locate the ancient theatre of Amphipolis in a specific amphitheatrical location overlooking the estuary of the… more »


2017 Lovis Corinth Colloquium

2017 Lovis Corinth Colloquium ‘Quid est sacramentum?: On the Visual Representation of Sacred Mysteries in Early Modern Europe and the Americas, 1400-1700’

November 30-December 2, 2017 Jones Room, Woodruff Library


How and why were the mysteries of faith and, in particular, sacramental mysteries construed as amenable to processes of representation and… more »